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Practical Completion - Handover Inspection

Collating Data

Lucian Constructions provides a detailed handover report. We aim to identify and document any defects or omissions so they can be rectified by the builder prior to the property being handed over. We will provide advice on the condition of the property at the time of inspection.

Our reports are thorough, easy to understand and will ensure you are happy with the quality and workmanship of your home or investment property when you receive the keys.

Two weeks prior to the practical completion date, your builder will confirm the date and time of your handover. You will be advised you are entitled to engage an independent building inspector to oversee the handover. Lucian Constructions detailed handover report ensures you are protected from any incomplete work, helps to identify any defects which may cause major problems now or in the future, and checks for substandard workmanship. We provide a defect list of works for the builder or developer to complete before completion.

A follow up inspection can take place, if requested at an additional cost, when the builder notifies us any defects have taken place. Most building contracts allow the builder 10 working days to complete the rectification works.

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