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Stage Inspections

Collating Data

Lucian Constructions provide feedback on whether an appropriate level of finish and workmanship has been met. When looking to build a new home the builder will require periodic, or stage payments at set milestones throughout the building works. We can inspect at any stage of the building works. We organise our stage inspections to coincide with the builder’s request for stage payments which normally include the following stages.


Slab Stage - Plans are required for this inspection

This will take place after the slab has been poured. Our Director will ensure the dimensions and size of the slab are accurate, the house sitting, boundaries and setbacks are checked to ensure that they comply with building codes and regulations, plumbing is placed properly, and the workmanship is of the highest quality.


Frame StagePlans are required for this inspection

Our Director will check all tie-down and support comply with the house plans. He will inspect the frame for level and straightness. He will confirm the house specifications e.g. ceiling heights; room dimensions and roof lines are accurate with the house plans. This inspection takes place once the roof is on, electrical and plumbing rough in's are complete and windows are installed. 


Enclosed / Lockup  

This will include assessment of the brickwork, wall cladding, roof covering, flashing, joint spacing, window frames, door frames and second fix timbers. This stage is to ensure the overall workmanship is to the correct standard. 


Practical Completion / Handover Inspection 

The final stage will take place prior to the builder handing over the keys. Our Director will complete a detailed inspection report of all the finished materials and workmanship to ensure the standard of finish complies with the relevant Australian Standards and the expected high quality of Lucian Constructions. This inspection covers the final fit-out where all internal architraves, skirting, doors, cupboards and detailed joinery installed.  Plasterboard finished, sanded and cornices fixed. Exterior down pipes fitted and penetrations complete. Decks and landings complete. We identify and document any defects or omissions so they can be rectified by the builder prior to the property being handed over.


Follow up Inspection

If requested a follow up inspection can take place at an additional cost. Once the builder notifies us any defects have been completed, we will reinspect going through our report confirming all works have been completed.

Lucian Constructions are committed to extremely high standards, we aim to reach exceptionally high-quality at every stage of the development journey.

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